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Updated Entry List- Supermodifieds
3-Joey Payne Fairlawn, New Jersey 1998 HyMiler Winner, 10 ISMA Wins, 4 Oswego Wins, NW Oswego Track Record Holder
7-Charlie Schultz Lorain, Ohio 2008 Fast 40 Winner, 2010 MSA Champion, 2009 King of Wings, 1 ISMA Win, 22 MSA Wins
11-Kyle Edwards Grafton, Ohio
17-Ben Seitz Bourne Massachusetts 2014 Fast 40 Winner and ISMA Champion, 6 ISMA Wins
19-Trent Stephens Ravenna, Ohio 2015 Fast 40 Winner, 2011-2014 MSA Champion, 2016 King of Wings, 2 ISMA Wins, 18 MSA Wins
21-Eddie Witkum Jr. Westford, Massachusetts
22-Mike McVetta Wellington, Ohio 2 ISMA Wins, 1 MSA Win
25-Dan Bowes Byfield, Massachusetts
30-Talon Stephens Ravenna, Ohio
36-Jon Henes LaGrange, Ohio 2015 MSA Champion, 6 MSA Wins
48-Rich Reid New London, Ohio 1 MSA Win
49-Danny Shirey Oberlin, Ohio 1 MSA Win
51-Dave Duggan Milford, New Hampshire
61-Mike Ordway Jr. Fremont, New Hampshire 2 ISMA Wins (Car has won last 2 100 lappers)
64-Jim Paller Berlin Heights, Ohio 2 MSA Wins
65-Tim Ice Seville, Ohio 2 MSA Wins (1 Winged 1 NonWinged)
70-Dave McKnight Brampton, Ontario, Canada 2001 HyMiler Winner and ISMA Champion, 20 ISMA Wins, 4 MSA Wins, 5 Oswego Wins
74-Robbie Summers Vernon, Connecticut 4 ISMA Wins
76-Moe Lilje Vickery, Ohio 1 ISMA Win, 5 MSA Wins
77-AJ Lesiecki Lorain, Ohio 1 MSA Win
78-Mark Sammut London, Ontario, Canada 2010 HyMiler Winner, 5 ISMA Wins, 1 MSA Win
84-Mike Lichty Innerkip, Ontario, Canada 2011 and 2013 Fast 40 Winner, 2012 ISMA Champion, 2011 and 2013 King of Wings, 10 ISMA Wins, 6 MSA Wins
92-Larry Lehnert LaGrange, Ohio
94-Otto Sitterly Canajoharie, New York 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 Oswego Classic Winner, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 Oswego Champion, 2015 King of Wings, 2006, 2013, 2015 Mr. Supermodified, 1 ISMA Win, 37 Oswego Wins
95-Dave Shullick Jr. North Ridgeville, Ohio 2013 HyMiler Winner, 2010 Fast 40 Winner, 2015 ISMA Champion, 2005-2007 MSA Champion, 2014 King of Wings, 15 ISMA Wins, 30 MSA Wins
97-Timmy Jedrzejek Independence, Ohio 2011 and 2012 HyMiler Winner, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009 MSA Champion, 5 ISMA Wins, 22 MSA Wins

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