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Sandusky Speedway 39th Annual Hy-Miler Supermodified National Friday FAST 40

ISMA FAST 40 all Shullick Jr.

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
July 29, 2016

SANDUSKY (OH) – Dave Shullick Jr. became a repeat winner on the 2016 ISMA circuit when he sailed to a straightaway length victory last Friday night on the first night of the Sandusky Speedway 39th Annual Hy Miler Supermodified Nationals. Dubbed the Friday FAST 40, once getting by then leader Danny Shirey, Shullick Jr. would set sail and never looked back, coasting to the 40 lap victory circle.

Veteran driver Dave McKnight and Shirey would bring the field to the start as Shirey took off and set the early pace. A lap two yellow, the first of only two on the night, would slow the pace just for a moment as the cars that spun in turn three were righted and off they would go, with Shirey rocketing off into turn one. At lap six, however, Shullick Jr. got his ride in gear and swept past both McKnight for second and then right on up past Shirey to take command. From there he was gone, the only slow down came at a mid race yellow when Mike McVetta caught the front stretch wall coming to rest at the top of turn one. Back to green and Shullick Jr. sailed off. Shirey would soon find his hands full with a charging Moe Lilje, as Lilje was able to muscle past into the runner up position. As the top two raced their own race, Shirey and Mike Lichty would go wheel to wheel. Rubbing together under the white flag both drivers would regain control and soldier on in a dog fight to the checkers. Shirey would come out third with Lichty fourth as McKnight would round out the top five behind Shullick Jr. and Lilje.

“A great car tonight,” said Shullick Jr. “We just gave it everything we had, a 40 lapper today, we did not hold anything back. We were really rolling on the bottom tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow, that is the one we want. I know this car in clean air is really good. I just knew if I could get out front, I could just run my own race in that clean air. I just ran a good solid pace, didn’t try to beat it up to hard. On that last restart I was really confidante I could get out there, this car is really good,” finished Shullick Jr.

“We unloaded and was fourth fast in hot laps,” said Lilje. “Then we missed a little in qualifying, and fortunately we are in the top twelve, made some adjustments, and were good to finish in top four in our heat. We are not perfect by any stretch, but we got a heck of a race car to work with. He was so far up there, I was just happy to see it stay green. The throttle return spring broke so I had to heel and toe the throttle there the last half, so I probably gave up some time there playing with that. I have a good piece for tomorrow night,” finished Lilje.

“I am really happy,” said Shirey. “The car earlier today really was not that good, but the Stout Crew kept working away and never gave up. They gave me a great car for the feature race, hats off to those guys, I cannot thank them enough. I am glad we are getting some good finishes; we have had a tuff season. Me and Lichty got into it with a lap to go; you never really want to rub wheels in a super. It was just a kind of racing deal, Mike kind of forced it into the outside lane and I was halfway out there. We both touched, Mike is a class guy, and he is one of the best out here. It was the last lap and we have been having a tuff season, I just didn’t want to pull over and let him go,” finished Shirey.

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