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Mimic, an updated list (Feathers, Fins and Fur)

I promised to sort this list between Queequeg vs other dogs, and pets vs case file & wild animals... finally got around to it. Lots of fish additions etc too.


Feathers, Fins and Fur
(stories featuring pets)

+ indicates that this story has been added since the last update

Many of these fics can be found here: http://animalfiles.freeservers.com/main.html


The Abduction of Queequeeg by Ellen Palmer {G} [PG]
Barking Mad by bcfan {G} [NC-17]
The Celine Series - Only One Road by CC Decker {G} [G-NC-17]
A Dog Story by Jodi Kerper {G} [G]
+ The Dog Whisperer by Pattie
+ The Family G-Man by Neoxphile & FelineFemme
In Life the Firmest Friend by Paul Whartenberg {G} [PG]
Life with Queequeg by Anonymous
Life Without Queequeg by Barney O'Borg {G}[R]
Mulder, Scully and the Armrest by Carolyn Lam {G}[PG]
Ode To Queequeg by Sarah Kiley
Pomeranian Ponderings: Queequeg Reflects by Token {G}[PG]
Poor Queequeg by FoxfireX {G}[PG]
Queequeg by Kate Lesky {G}[G]
Queequeg's Memoirs by Kiwi Tree
Queequeg Gets Even by Laura Maher {G}[PG]
Queequeg Gets His by Claire Kerr {G}
Poor Scully by eponine119 {G}[PG]
Skinner is Not Bigfoot by Anonymous and Amaris E Squared {G}[PG]
+ Territorial by Deia

Other Dogs:
Absit Invidia by frogdoggie {G} [NC-17]
After Queequag's Demise by Rebel {G}[G]
After the Deal by Raine
Any Other Name by Louise Marin
Beneath the Smoking Skies by Lori L. Bloomer {G} [PG]
+Compromised - Endings and Beginnings by Amazon X
Controlled Substances by Kel {G}{W} [NC-17]
Dead Redheads by Halrloprillalar {G} [G]
Dog Days by Polyhymnia {G} [G]
Dogged Determination by Rhondda Lake {G}{A}{M}{W} [NC-17]
Dusty by babos {G}{M} [PG]
Empathy by syn {G} [NC-17]
+ The Family G-Man stories by Neoxphile & FelineFemme
+ Fight or Flight by LawyerGirl
Firelight series 1 & 4 by Ewa {G} [PG]
+ The Genesis Project by aRcaDIaNFall$
Harold by Gina Rain (a dog and a cat) {G} [R]
+ Hold On by Smurf
The IM Files #29 - Blackwater Reflections by Shinkai
+ Je RÍve Un RÍve by thepeacock
Man's Best Friend by Frankcina Glass {G}{M} [PG]
Marking His Territory by Samiam
+ A Normal Life? by nosmeagel
+ Page 65 by Doc
Pet Peeves and Creature Comforts by Trustyone
+ Profezia by sitarra
Puppies by Macspooky {G} [R] (Scully's)
+ Puppy Love by Mary-Me
+ Profezia by sitarra
Sara Mulder stories by Lara Means {G} [PG to R]
+ Song of Experience by Christy
+ Telephones by cucumberspy
Thunder by Rachel Anton {G} [NC-17]
Unsinkable by Ann K & Lil Gusty {G} [PG]
What Really Happened II by Deborah Goldstein {G} [PG]
+ Yclept by Rocketman

Apology by Angel
Breathe by Xenith {G}{M} [PG]
Bump in the Night by Nevdull
Cats by Humbuggie {G}{M} [R]
Cats by Kassandra
Cats in the Flat by Karoshi12
+ Cerril by Sita
The Curious Case of Jenny Mullryne by Leelee & Seeker One {W} [NC-17]
Deliver Me by Louise Marin {G} [R]
Deus Ex Machina by Kelli Keil {G} [R]
Deus Ex Machina by WickdZoot {M} [NC-17]
+ A Dream of Thaw by M. Sebasky
Fifth Day in Paradise by Kate Rickman {G}{M} [R]
The Five by Somebody Else {A}{M} [NC-17]
Flavours by Lilith {G} [R]
+ The Genesis Project by aRcaDIaNFall$ {G}
Green Eyed Monsters and Little Gray Men by ML {G} [PG]
Guarded Secrets by Laura Castellano {G} [R]
Harold by Gina Rain (a dog and a cat) {G} [R]
Iolokus by MustangSally & RivkaT (Catzilla) {G}{A} W} [PG to NC-17]
Last One Standing by mabtng {G}{A}{M} [R]
Lucky by Helen Wills
Mercury Falling by cslatton (kitten) {G}{M} [R]
Mercy Seat by Bonetree {G} [NC-17]
Mulder's Leap by Windsinger {G} [NC-17]
The Positive Effect of an As-Yet Unnamed Polydactyl by Livia Balaban {G} [PG]
Silent Night by CallRachel {G} [PG]
Skin by Annie Sewell-Jennings {W} [NC-17]
The Small Cat series by Lilli Blue {G} [PG]
The Spell by Kelli Rocherolle {G}{A} [R]
Syadiloh by MustangSally & RivkaT (Catzilla) {G}
That Darn Cat by Eddie Edora {G} [PG]
That Tight-Assed Cat by Manik {G} [R]
A Trip to Scully Land by Nicole van Dam {G} [PG]

The Aquarium by Claudia Modell {G} [NR]
+ The Backbone Of Night by Aloysia Virgata {G}
+ Confessions to a Goldfish by Marnie Bacon {G}
+ A Day in the Life of Mulder's Fish by Girlie_girl7
+ Elvis Has A Bad Saturday Night by Beloved {G}
+ Emergence By Christine Leigh
+ Everything's the Key by Rachel Wilder
+ Fish Eyed View by KMS {G}
+ Fish Have Feelings, Too by TLynn {G}
+ Fish Listen by Donna {G}
+ Fish Listen - Mulder's POV by Donna {G}
+ Fish Listen - Together by Donna {G}
+ Fish story/Rookie by RaEnright {G}
+ Frohike Fish by RhymePhile {G}
+ I Love Lucy by Halrloprillalar {G}
+ Mystic Fish by Ann Martin {G}
+ One Fish Two Fish by Rah {G}
+ New Pets - Tropical Fish by Tigress35
+ Resolution by abracadabra
+ Shelf Life 01 by Jen {G}
+ Shelf Life 02 - Interrupting Bliss by Jen {G}
+ Something Fishy by Susanne Barringer {G}
+ The Suicidal Fish by Te {G}
+ Tank of Dreams: A Fish Tale by Jori {G}
+ A Three Fish Man by Mary Parker {G}
+ What Goldfish Are Good For by conspiracy
With Great Disappointment by Kel {G} [NR]

** ** ** ** **

Wild & Casefile Animals


+ Agula Rainina by Megan XFilr {G}
+ Cat Abduction by Cyhiraeth {G}
+ Cross Your Path by Ann Martin {G}
Mulder's Leap by Windsinger {G} [NC-17]

+ Bob the Drug Dog by Missy {G}
Hounds of the Haaggen Daz by Neoxphile {G} [PG]
Taco Bell Tails by Ten {G} [R]


+ Equus by Kieran O'Leary {G}
+ Horse by Danielle Culverson {G}
+ Magic Shell - At the Races by Foxsong {G}
Triple by S. Clay {G} [PG]

+ L is for Ladies Room By Heather Scotland {G}
The Simplest Explanation by Blueswirl (mouse) {G} [PG]

+ Mulder, the Spooky Agent by Cheri {G}
+ A Quiet Weekend in the Mountains by D. Street {G}
+ X-Mas by Steven Han {G}

~~Wolves & Coyotes~~
+ Denial is Not a River in Egypt by H. Lynn
+ Long Dark Night by Lacadiva
+ Puppy Love by Vickie Moseley
+ Rustic Suite by Mary Ruth Keller

Frog to Swan by Shawne (frog)
Gethsemane (Recurring) by Laura Castellano (unknown)
Gutless by Magdeleine (parrot) {G} [R]
Max by Angel (unknown)
Mulder's Pet 'Pede by Adrienne (centipede) {G} [R]
Pet Peeves and Creature Comforts by Trustyone (unknown)
Three Lil' Fishies by Britt Mulder & Girlie_girl7
Walk Like a Man by Sue Esty (unknown)


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