Laca & family survive terrifying scare at JFK

JLaca and his family members were experiencing a scene from the movie "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" Sunday night when it then turned into even more of a nightmare that even John Candy and Steve Martin could not have imagined.

After experiencing over 3 1/2 hours of delays of their flight from JFK to Tampa with every excuse Delta could dream up (late plane arrival, cleaning the plane, maintenance issues, thunderstorms), they came back to the terminal. And this was after spending hours on the plane in the runway with no AC (it was 106 feel like temp that afternoon).

While awaiting word of what to do next, a terrifying scene started to take place. Hundreds of people started running for their lives screaming that a shooter was in the airport firing away and heading our way.

Dropping their carryon luggage, people went running for cover, alarms went off
and Port Authority cops then came out to get everybody on the ground. It was a terrifying, chaotic scene you could not imagine. We were able to get back on the plane again at the pilots urging who said he was going to lock the doors behind us.

It all turned out to be a false alarm with Terminal 8 going in panic mode with reports of a gun seen in the airport and shots fired was actually a commotion after an Olympic runner broke a record. Terminal 1 had the issue that was only a few hundred feet from us when apparently metal chairs fell over making the sound of gunshots. Thousands of people were forced outside for hours as the airport and roads were closed.

Now I know what the people in that Orlando nightclub must have felt like. Our night was not over as we had to go to hotels in the LaGuardia area only to end up taking Uber/taxi rides to 3 hotels to finally get checked in - at 5am. Amazingly, we recovered all of our luggage the next day.

We were up there for a weekend getaway to watch the Yanks-Rays series along with the 20th anniversary reunion of the 1996 World Championship team. Ironically, the Rays were staying in our same hotel and we were able to chat with Chris Archer and Evan Longoria. Catching ARods last game was a bonus.

The temperatures the entire weekend made Florida seem like the north pole with feel-like temps approaching 108 on Saturday.

Terrifying video shows scene at JFK

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