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i don't wanna die

I have four coins in my bank and would like to use three to give this character the traits Fangs & Animal Eyes and the Zoolingual ability.

Player: Fennic
Name: Bohdi (said like "bow-dee")
Age: Mid-20's
Biological Sex & Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Skin Color: Light Intermediate (Type 3)
Hair Color: Light brown (would be darker naturally, but it's bleached by the sun)
Eye Color: Bohdi has golden lion eyes (example)
Traits: In her human form, Bohdi has fangs resembling those of a lioness. The canines on her upper jaw just barely poke out from beneath her lip when her mouth is closed; the fangs on her lower jaw are smaller and more discreet. The left fang on her upper jaw is chipped.
Defects: Numerous scars all over her body from a number of different weapons; missing her left arm at the elbow.
Height & Body Type: 5'7" with a lean hourglass figure (modest bust and bum). She was often called "boy" by her kin because of her somewhat boyish figure. She is muscular and toned.
Clothing & Scars: Bodhi's people have no shame when it comes to their bodies and choose not to wear much for clothing the majority of the time, so Bohdi will likely be found in clothes that are on JUST this side of acceptable. Even when forced to dress more modestly, Bohdi will always select clothing that shows off as many of her scars as possible (such as an open-backed dress); in her culture they are a sign of greatness and so they're a huge point of pride for her. That being said, Bohdi comes from a very hot place and has never really dealt with cold before (in fact, she HATES the cold) so she'll probably turn into a very round, multi-layered zombie doing lots of moaning and whining during the winter.
Face: Bohdi is pretty in a "fierce" way. She has an oval face with high cheekbones, thinner cheeks, heavy-lidded almond-shaped eyes, a top-heavy mouth, and a strong nose. She has freckles across the bridge of her nose, though they're often hidden by her year-round tan. She has "RBF" syndrome, but can usually be coaxed into a grin pretty easily most of the time.
Voice: Bohdi has a thick Danish accent when speaking "Common" (English), and is also fluent in Danish.
Wings: As of level 3, Bohdi has developed bird wings similar to those of a golden eagle in shape; the wings are pure black with metallic gold feather tips. They are over-sized and she is extremely clumsy with them at the moment.
V13 Power: Shapeshifting (Shortfin Mako)

Sample will be in next post!

blood is getting hotter, body's getting colder
i don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to


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