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I'm not as fancy as everyone else, but I do my best ^^

Name: Junko
Breed: Northwestern Timberwolf
Gender: Fem
Age: Pup

Appearance: Quite a shaggy coat. A base of creamy white, with a black stripe reaching from her nose to just below her eyes, a small black spot on her forehead, and grey flecks reaching along her spine and on her behind.

Personality: Far from the curiousity and playfulness that other pups might show, Junko is quite the loner. Her disability stopped her from making friends, as she instead was jeered and laughed at. However, she takes to adults quite quickly, and is quite trusting of them. She is scared of many things, but when she is safe, she can be quite the trickster.

Other: Junko's left hind leg is lame.

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