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Deep Thoughts

1984 Anticipation Guide- Deep Thoughts
“To assure our country’s freedom, the government should be able to spy on its citizens.”
I do not think that the government should be able to spy on its citizens. If a government does that, then that means they do not trust the people they are governing or they want to control the people so they can stay in power. This type of action causes an effect almost the same as a dictatorship, but instead of one all-powerful leader, the government is the all-powerful force.
Since the government would be an all-powerful force, that means that citizens cannot have negative thoughts or negative actions towards the government without extreme consequences. This creates an effect where people are trained to never have bad thoughts or opinions about the government or the people have to keep their thoughts to themselves.
This creates problems because the people who feel that way will have their hatred towards the government build up until they cannot hold it in any longer and then they will have a mental breakdown which would result them into being severely punished.
I do not think that it is right for anyone to be repressed. People should be able to say what they want and not be fearful for saying what they think. Because this government could spy on these people, the citizens would not want to say anything bad about the government for fear of being punished. These citizens would also be fearful because they would have no idea if or when the government would be spying on them and they would always have the feeling that someone is always watching them.
This creates problems on how people act and how they interact with each other. These people will no longer be able to be themselves; they will be scared and they will start to act how the government wants them to act and think and feel. That is how the sameness in people starts. People will start to lose their personalities and their qualities and anything that makes them different than anyone else because it is like they are being controlled by the government. If enough people start to do this, then the people who do not want to start conforming will stick out and then they will be forced into becoming someone that they are not.
For me, all of these things that I predict happen in this type of government are very wrong. The government should not be allowed to spy on citizens. This is a violation of privacy because the government would not have to have a cause for spying on its citizens. Privacy is important to me, and it is important to most other people, and since privacy was given to us from the Bill of Rights, it should be honored and respected. Privacy should not be a privilege that only a few elite people should have access to, it should be a given right and be respected regardless of any other circumstances.
As citizens, we are given rights and we should not have to tolerate giving up any of those rights. Also, I do not like it when a government or anything else has full control of something. I do not think it is okay if one person controls every aspect of another person’s life. This also applies to this type of government. People should be able to express themselves and how they feel and what they feel and they should not need someone or something to tell them that their opinion is wrong or that they are thinking about something the wrong way. When this happens, people are not able to show who they truly are and act how they want to act and, to me, it is most important that people are able to be themselves.


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