Wildlife Conservation

We heard there's going to be a fence put up along Nunnery Road to protect the grape vineyard from Native American White Tail Deer. Not only has our lake view been dramatically decreased by Wirths evergreens, which actually promote space and coverage for the deer to live but the view has been greatly decreased by looking at poles that are oriented to the property they are on and not the view from the neighboring properties. Someone doesn't know what a level pole is. Look at the vineyard on West Lake Road. They look straight, consistent and beautiful from the road. We heard the fence will be greater than 6 ft tall and assuming the finished side will likely face the subject property. Keep the wall in Mexico and not in front of ruining our picturesque view. Besides who comes to live in the country to put up a fence to keep the deer out. Let the wild be free. Otherwise trying to change wildlife from being in their natural habitat will only put more strain on their existence. Something the community is more in favor of from a Environmental Conservation perspective to retain than another property owner from ruining our view. Just as we start looking at the grapes on their vines it'll be suddenly ruined by a visual pollution. Does the Feskos put fences up around their crops to keep less than 1 percent of crop loss due to wildlife out? It's called a nuisance permit. Go get one..

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