Sunday morning performance leaves Team Florida and others feeling like a drip

There was a rare Sunday morning 9:30am performance yesterday in order to avoid the suddenly "must see" Bucs game at 4pm. Things did not turn out well.

Smoking hot temperatures and humidity levels over 80% made playing unbearable by 11am. Seven out of the eight players going to Connecticut were all out there including two of our top players - Anthony and Julio. The two of them, by game 5, looked like a couple of "helpless old men" throwing "batting practice" out there that their grandmother's could have caught!

It was so hot, by the time I got home, I was able to put a leftover slice of Slyce pizza on the pool deck and heat it up. Our French Bulldog and Shar-Pei uncharacteristically avoided walking on the pool deck. Our two Chihuahua's were even seen taking dives into the pool - something unheard of for that dog breed. My yard guy said he almost passed out under a tree. For a guy who talks a lot and never complains about the weather, wasn't kidding this time.

The morning performance will be repeated again next Sunday as the Bucs are home against Carolina at 4:05pm for their home opener. Anthony is going to that game with me, so he will be sending out a text for the performance again Saturday evening. And when E F Hutton talks - I mean Anthony - people listen and come out and play.

Don't let that crazy hot morning scare you away. I have played multiple Saturday mornings - at a later start time - and it was never that bad. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

All that for a lousy Bucs game - a big loss, 40-7.

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