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The Snowfall Lullaby Got Me Sleepless




Full grown, Sloane will be of smaller stature than the average. Her bones, though solid, will remain slim adding little weight to her form. However, lithe muscle will wrap itself around her figure and underneath her snowy white coat nothing soft will dwell. Time in a less than arctic climate will remove the fluffy nature of her white pelt, replacing it with a silky coat. A distinct deep russet marking will bleed itself out from her left eye, creating a half mask type feature which will fade out down that same side of her neck. Standing out vibrantly from that left side, and fading eerily on the right, the girl's ice blue eyes will shine sharply - shards of nordic ice through which chilled light seems to pass.
At the moment however, Sloane's an unnaturally scrawny soul with light blue eyes and dark russet patch over the left one.

Confident yet well measured, Sloane is a quick learner with good instincts. By nature she is fair, but fiercely competitive. Credit to her short past, the youngling has no objection to harsh leadership - her mental resilience allows her to shrug off criticism. And, a perhaps ore unusual trait of the ice pup, her confidence does not mix with pride. She has no meddlesome ego and earns all that she receives. Those that one up her earn her respect and her ambition to repay the favour. Those who don't are quickly forgotten as she surges forward with valuable motivation.

|| Soare ||


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