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Are We Just Ending To Begin Again?

 photo PicsArt_09-28-03.50.05_zpsrysmbrpb.jpg
Game Of War

Name: Uriel
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: Uriel is a small female, dark grays and blacks tint her fur. She is short but well fit for her body type. She's misled to be a damsel in distress but don't let this princess fool you - She doesn't need saving. Her eyes are an arctic blue.
Personality: She's laid back and quiet most times, yet rational and resonable. She knows her place and sticks to her guns. Don't let her fool you, she's a sweetheart but if you screw her over there will be hell to pay. Even the smallest of blades can puncture a fatal artery.
Breed: Grey wolf.

"In this game of war, no one fucking wins. Just the one who's left and the one who's dead."


|Adult|Princess|House Tyrell|Sister of Kalgalath|Lover|Children|Home|


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