Re(6): I-Candy on IL/save...


On my home lake the prime food source for Eyez is shad > even w/full overstuffed bellys the Eyez will top the tank-off w/I-candy (Crawdads) for the old sweet-tooth...

...You'll find the old fart out at night sUMo pullin' C-dad structure areas 'usually after midnite this time of year or maybe a daytime BOD now & then...

Curious how you fish crawdads

I'm a long retired ex-basser so I 'pull/troll crawdad/long-lip rock-bouncing lures at night. If I'm working a long stretch of riprap I'll sometimes run two boards on the same side > lead board will have my crawdad style/type lure (1.5-2.5') followed behind by a mod-RR ripstick (2.5-3.5') on a short leash from the board @ around 2 sog w/the ETM.

Warning > probably more slimer-kats than Eyes & a few L-bass, but on the positive side most fish are sweet-tooth heavyweights on the prowl to topoff their tanks...

molting the moon for prime nights, but cranks don't molt.


Yellow-bird board for Crawdad lures & shallow-water stealth.

OS board for follow-up chaser for RR Ripstick...


Fishing w/buds is a fun social event, while Angling is a serious skill-growth rung-climbing event with loads of self-improvement satisfaction w/each step... Hang a Hog, Not a Smelt

Ray da sUMo 'Chaser


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