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Re(2): 1 big gig or 7 golden afternoons?

Hi diskojoe, are you from Düsseldorf? Aren't there airlines like Easyjet or Ryanair or so? It's not so expensive visiting a golden afternoon. In 2014 we (four people) spent a weekend in Flatford Mill, saw Martin w friends and had a jolly good time. - This is a much better thing than throwing away money for a concert of big shots in huge halls.

Well, I don't like DVDs or CDs very much. Music nowadays is something that people get on Youtube or that is downloaded somewhere. For me this is just merchandising stuff and I don't enjoy it like I enjoyed vinyls when I was young. The real thing today is the musician working live on a stage. Music is work. Recording and copying plastic slices is merchandising. - Sometimes I buy some stuff like that, but it's rather because it isn't possible to see a band or get a good musical reference, or because I wanted to help the artist (Tim Smith, Cardiacs). - I always think "Miss van Houten's coffee shop" is a wonderful song when listening to the CD, but I once saw Martin performing it with some friends in the Colchester Arts Center and I'd been so touched by this that my eyes got wet. One of the best performances I ever saw. But I don't have a best CD I ever bought ;-)


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