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Negro, ######, ##### is derived from the latin word niger meaning black. These were the names that identified African American slaves through generations. Forever linked with the history of abuse and aspersions on the black race these derogatory words will never be disconnected. Knowing their repulsive background, is it really an appropriate word to be used when talking to your close friends,family, or a random person you see walking down the street. Most of these new generation kids use this word without knowing the history and background affiliated to it. As African Americans we were werenít treated with respect. We were Kings and Queens who were stripped of our names and given the identity of our owners as slaves. We were given names such as colored people, negroes, and ######s, and #####s because of the color of our skin. Our skin that was maybe one or two shades darker than theirs. The white supremacy thought that anyone that wasnít white was black or colored, was supposed to be looked down upon and worked to death every day and night. The n-word should never be used as another word for friend. We should have more respect for ourselves and others by not using it. Using the n word or any other racial slur allows the white race to degrade us and think they are still better than us. Using the n word will prove to them that we arenít anything and we know it. Using the n word will allow us to regain the recognition of negroes all over again. By using the n word we will set a trigger which will allow history to repeat itself. Putting the African- American race at the bottom of the social stratification list because we canít respect each other enough to move to the top. If we canít respect ourselves as humans why should they. Not only should we respect ourselves we should respect our ancestors who were the ones who were called out of their names and the ones who suffered at the hands of an oppressive society. Negro, ######, ##### are words that grows more and more derogative every time and day you use it. Any word you use whether itís negro, ######, or ##### they all mean the same thing and have the same history. Therefore it should not be used as a way to say hi to a friend yet along family.


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