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April showers bring May flowers

And if all the showers turned to flowers on that rainy April day,

Unborn pup

A white pelt covers her flesh, pure and unmarked. Her eyes, much like her fatherís are a deep amber. A black ring surrounds the outside of the pupil, and black flecks mar the amber haze. She will likely grow up to be larger in stature like her father, but swift and with delicate features like her mother.

Her personality will develop more over time but from birth she will be curious, brave, happy-go-lucky, polite, graceful, and a romantic at heart just like her parents.

Arctic x Timber

Daughter of Pierce and Cordelia, sister of Sabelle, princess of Spring Grounds.

Talk like this.

would all the flowers turn to showers in the sunny month of May?

❀ Braeden ❀ Femme ❀ Pup ❀ Princess of Spring Grounds ❀
❀ Pierce x Cordelia ❀ Sister to Sabelle ❀

Puppet of Morgin

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