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will supers survive

All this talk and right now and that is all it is has to be of concern. Are we headed toward the days of Gioia/Furlong when super fields gof down to 11 on given night?? I have been a super fan and a fan of Oswego since the mid 60's. I am concerned. Hopefully some more owners come out in support of the Speedway but let's face it the cost of owning and running a super has gotten out of hand. Something has to change or the division is going to die. The purse is about the same or even less when you consider first place in the Classic back in the 70's was $20,000 for first and a $1000 to start. Now it pays $15,000 to win. They were paying $2,000 to win back 35 years ago. I know the crowds haven't been what they were years ago which prohibits raising the purse. Is there a happy medium?? Gate admission has gone up and let an everyone in 17 and under free. Maybe they should start charging something for 12-17. I wonder how many of those kids that have gotten in free all these years actually became fans when they had to start paying to get in?? Did changing over to IFS have anything to do with the drop off? Maybe cut back on all the aerodynamics that has to be costly and reduce the speeds some. How about attracting the fans back to the speedway by allowing them to bring in their own food and drinks. No alcohol but allow a six pack of soda pop in a 6 pack cooler. I don't know the answer but something needs to be done. Then I've heard the Graham's are going to race dirt. There goes 4 cars right there.


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