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i hear your voice

Your player name: Fennic
Name: Thorne
Biological sex: Male
Gender/Sexual Orientation: Thorne has never liked labels for either of these things, but he identifies as male and prefers male pronouns the majority of the time, even when he's dressed up (though if someone uses "she" he won't be offended at all either). He is attracted to both men and women, but relationships have always been more about the person he's with than what sex they are.
Age: Just turned 21
Ethnicity: Japanese & Irish
Skin colour: Pale (he tends to tan rather than burn, though)
Hair colour: Dark auburn
Eye colour: Light Brown
Detailed appearance: Thorne takes after his Japanese father in terms of features, inheriting his thin angular eyes, small nose, high cheekbones, and thinner lips, while taking after his Irish mother's pale skin, red hair, and freckles. He has very little body or facial hair, and would struggle to even grow a small mustache. Taking after his maternal grandfather, Thorne towers over both of his short parents at just 5'8". He has a naturally slim, graceful, and athletic build that lends itself well to dancing; dancing is a favorite pastime of his and he's studied many different forms. He has good muscle definition, especially in his arms and legs. Thorne can most often be found in a plain t-shirt and a comfy pair of jeans, but does occasionally like to don suits, dresses, skirts, and blouses.
Personality: Thorne is a warm, outgoing person who seems capable of making friends with almost anyone. He's laid-back, charming, and can be something of a flirt if he feels comfortable. He works hard and excels in jobs that require a lot of human interaction, with his favorite job ever being working in a cafe as a server. His innate happy-go-lucky personality and openness makes him particularly interesting to small children and animals, likely because they sense a kindred spirit (Thorne is nothing if not a big kid!); many kids from his hometown call him "uncle" or "big bro", and he's rarely seen without someone tagging along. He has a cool head during crises; his mother is a nurse and a huge believer in "being prepared", so he knows a lot of basic first response stuff, carries around a first aid kit, and is the kind of person who always carries an extra set of almost anything you could ever need. Thorne is a good listener, compassionate and kind; he's never too busy for a friend (or a stranger in need) and has been known to take in injured animals. He's the first person to reach out in friendship to someone, always has a kind word for everyone he meets, and is not one to judge by appearances. He keeps an eye out for those who may need a little bit extra care and consideration; he met his best friend after stopping the young woman from jumping off a bridge. Thorne is quite close to his parents, who are extremely supportive and affectionate both to Thorne and his many "strays" (human and animal alike!). Thorne uses his Stun power very sparingly, usually only when he feels a friend or loved one is threatened.
Defects: Mute due to his vocal cords not developing properly in the womb. He can make a few sounds, like laughing, but is incapable of speaking. He knows sign language, but carries around a notepad for people who don't understand. With people he's close to/familiar with, or those who give him permission, he can speak telepathically. His telepathic voice has a faint Irish accent.
Free V13 power: Shapeshifting (Spotted Eagle Ray)
Anything else you wish to include: I'd like to apply the powers in my bank, Stun and Telepathy, to this character, pretty please! :D

    • accepted -

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