CT's Matt and Carlo arrive here tomorrow for 4 days/Laca court announcement

Connecticut Amateur Court owner Matt and his cousin Carlo will be here tomorrow through Sunday for a getaway vacation.

Unfortunately, they are still sore and tired from their tournament 12 days ago and will not be participating in any jai-alai action while here.

Several have asked me about them coming, but no jai-alai is planned on their participation. It's a vacation from jai-alai!!!! Sorry folks. Plans will be made for another trip to CT again. Laca will still schedule jai-alai for this Saturday at 11am and the guys likely will attend but not play.

Regarding the Laca court, something all of the CT guys are anxious to play on (in addition to all of our players), we will have an announcement late afternoon November 21st regarding the vacated right of way issue. A hearing is set with the county and my attorney, a guy named Bill Foster who already got us our first court approved neaerly 9 years ago!! Foster did say there are issues with the county but believes he can get it solved that afternoon. Once this issue is solved, the revised survey without the vacated right of way issue (on the books since July 5, 1905 separating my property and the neighbor) can be turned over by Anthony where approval is expected shortly after that. The neighbor needs it for a driveway she wants and we need it for the court.

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