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ι тнιnĸ ι've loѕт мy мιnd ι'м ғeelιn ѕo alιve

( fae ) ( five years ) ( loner ) ( no mate ) ( no pups )

Name: Paradox
Gender: Fae
Age: adult
A unique pattern of whites and darker ginger scattered along her pelt give her, her rather unique look. Lithe, and not necessarily tall, Paradox holds well toned muscles beneath her pelt. You can tell at first glance that this one is more speed than brute strength, and that she is flexible compared to those with just build. She has amber eyes that are a borderline dark yellow.

Personality:Paradox is often a wolf who speaks only when she must - analyzing situations rather than throwing herself at them. She aims to excel in everything she does. This, however, doesn't deter her from speaking her mind, and she very rarely allows the outcome which can be brought upon by her bluntness hinder her tongue. Paradox, above all, is a stiff character, who holds responsibility and loyalty before anything else. She wants to be admired, and set an example for others. This isn't something she hides. Paradox also has a mildly independent nature, and will not allow herself to be treated in any way she does not see fit. Her opinions and views are not susceptible to being swayed easily, and she may very well become annoyed if her privacy is not respected. Alas, it does not take much to irritate her, but she means well. Paradox is not quick to trust nor quick to hand out respect, either. She is more likely to not make promises than she is to make them, as the burden of fulfilling her word is not something she wishes to carry if she very well knows she cannot commit.

Breed: Mississippi Valley Wolf

ooc: beanie


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