Re(1): Joe blows it away

Thanks. More to come before I leave this world...of hypocritical liberals.

OBamas fiscal activities will not help Trump .

How do we slow down the booming "burden " of Medicare,aid, and SSI grew 75 bill in one year. And in three years Medicaid from ACA blew to approx 400 billion.

Individual income taxs down. Corporate taxes are down due to 1% growth fell 44 billion.

And you liberals want to kill oil production federal land for federal projects like infrastructure needs.

Now is not the time to destroy our oil production capabilities. Co2 will not go up. If so p rove it to me. Cause we democrats will buy it from other places so as to put gas in their jeeps with anti fracking stickers on it. Got it on video.

What a funny political mindset.

Yet I'm the stupid one...

Obama issued 1.7 trillion in treasury notes. Thank god for fracking in N Dakota. Now we get no oil from Nigeria.. But that could change as Sanders people are still in the democratic drafting committee war room.

Time to clean it up.


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