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join mcjoinface

Name: Reinhild
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Light brown, with freckles, like this Click Not entirely sure what to classify this as.
Hair colour: Reddish-brown, very curly
Eye colour: Dark brown
Parents: Unknown x Cephalia (if allowed, if not, then… obviously not :P)
Age: 15
About: Rein has known nothing other than the small trading port of the Peaks. Her adoptive mother, Franzi, was bullied into taking her by Cephalia (who was anything but maternal, and recognised that more civilised people would do better for her). Franzi was not exactly in the best position to care for her either, due to her controversial line of work. She tried to shelter her daughter from the worst of it, and Rein is comfortable believing that her many visitors are there to purely play chess with her, but nothing else. She grew up in a dingy, but large, house by the shore with many other older women and some very young children, who she was in charge of wrangling, although left mostly without supervision or guidance. She is anxious and nervous around people, being under socialised, and exposed to aggression and violence at a young age. She is mistrusting and wary of most strangers, mostly men. She has no ambition and no goals in life, is most likely depressed, and is unsure of her place in the world. She is, however, underneath this, warm-hearted to those closest to her, mostly the chess-house children and her typically disinterested mother, and would do anything they asked of her in a heartbeat, desperate for their praise, affection and attention. Despite this warmness, she has a very ruthless streak, should she determine you to not be a friend. So also somewhat animalistic, harsh and unforgiving under some circumstances. She is clever, although she lacks education, skill and powers (to her knowledge – she has never tried, she has never been encouraged to try, she does not know what she is capable of).

She is very slight, short in size, hitting only around 5’3, has a slight Hanoverian-German accent on certain words from her Germanic adoptive mother, who named her.
Free V13 power: Water walking.
Your player name: Jaya

lmk if i need to change anything.

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