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The Shining King

Name: Raja Chandra {Rah-jah Ch-on-dur-ah}

Age: Adult.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: His body is slightly taller than average, with a slimmer bulk to balance it out. His coat is thick and coarse, but quite short. It is an interesting mish-mash of black and dark grey on his body. His face is where it gets real interesting. His neck has speckles of a lighter grey and dark grey. On the left side of his head he has a light grey face with very little dark grey mixed in. On the right there is a triangular "cut" of light grey starting at his ears, under his eye and ending at the middle of his jaw. His eyes are steely grey, matching that of his face. On his back, flank, and parts of his front shoulders he has missing fur that is either from scars or mange. No one is quite sure which, let alone him.

Personality: He is sombre, and his sentences short. He has a domineering presence, one that commands attention. His intelligence mainly goes towards cold logic. He is quite deadly on the fighting field, but not particularly skilled in romance. Chondra is detached from his feelings when making a decision - even if that outcome may require death or injury. He is subtly influential, not in the patriotic speeches form, but in whispers and nudges.

Breed: Timber x Steppe

History: Originates from the North West, somewhere relatively cold. Possibly the Canadian region. He did as all wolves eventually do, and "left the nest" so to speak. Nothing traumatic or bad happened.

OOC: Jozlen
Chatango: JozlenRocks (I made it when I was twelve, excuse how dorky it is lol)

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