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Re(2): L4422 - from the setter

Whilst it's good to see the message board, which has become somewhat moribund in recent times, spring into life, I can't help think that solvers are doing the setter and the editors something of a disservice here.

The aim of The Listener is to be an innovative crossword series, and it is somewhat amusing that when faced with innovation, solvers' first instinct is to cry foul. The fact remains that a) the letters of HARE were definitively not present in the grid in a straight line as a continuous string; b) the only place they were present in a straight line as a continuous string was in the preamble; and c) anybody who tries to convince themselves differently is clutching at straws.

Sometimes it's best just to say "Yep, I was beaten fair and square", and to move on. If Hillary Clinton can manage to do so, then I'm sure that Listener solvers can do similarly. Well done to Poat for the innovation, and well done to the editors for sticking to their guns in not allowing alternatives.

As a sidepoint, I can't help but wonder how much the "cheat's charter" websites are responsible for the unhappiness being displayed by some solvers, by virtue of introducing doubt into the minds of solvers who either a) were previously happy with their highlighting, or b) didn't have a clue, so decided to cheat by consulting one of these websites.

So, again, well done on Andrew for an excellent puzzle and for the innovation, and well done to Roger and Shane for allowing it and for safeguarding the integrity of the series by ensuring only the undoubtedly only correct solution was marked as correct.


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