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It is run by a magic coach! Get with the program. They know rywolt is 10th cuz he's tiny yet talented. There's nothing wrong with any of the rankings, so stop hating on kids like Dunning or whatever because that kids a stud. Dunning didn't pay a dime for AAU and everyone who plays Magic forks over an enormous check. Dunning is a stud. You're the same jealous immature 14 year old who anonymously posts people suck on here. Too bad nobody listens to your irrelevant uneducated ass because you hide behind a screen and diss a 5'6 true point guard who can touch rim, and a 6'4 versatile wing/big who can shoot the shit out a ball and is looking at another growth spurt. You even dissed Geremy Dejesus whose gonna play next level. Clearly according to you "if you know basketball you know they suck"... You change your name and stalk the website and sociopathically respond with multiple personas that are all the same computer! You're making this up in a blasphemous attempt to ruin some child's hard work and image, all just because you lack the talent and the balls to get your name out there! Accredited camps and analysts, as well as!the ri magic coach who runs ballinri, would beg to differ with your negative statements on Dunning who I've coached, as well as Geremy and antel who I've recruited to play with us in the past. Good luck in your biased Barrington mafia of an aau program ran strictly based on politics! Just know kids all those checks go to the massive coaches dinner at the end of the year

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