Call him "Mr. Lucky" !

There is something going on with you amateur jai-alai players.

First, Chip wins TWO cars at the Hard Rock Casino. Last month, Gino bought a $20 couch at an estate sale - only to find a $35K ring taped under it, and now on Saturday, Thomas just won a $34K truck!

Yep! Not making this up. Nearly two months ago, Thomas entered a Lakeland country 97FM Radio Station contest for a new Ford truck. A series of codes were given out over several hours and weeks to be able to even have a chance to enter the contest. As caller number 9 one day, Thomas had the code and was registered as one of 350 people. Just being caller number 9 is not easy itself. On Saturday, we went to Bartow Ford along with 349 others anxious to win the 2016 Ford Truck. He was even thinking about blowing the event off as he was able to get former Tampa Triple Crown Winner Daniel to play that morning at Puryear Park and not able to make it. He made the right decision.

With 350 winners all competing, the rules called for the first round of elimination to bring the number down to 20. Thomas was one of them. Each of the 350 winners got to pick up a check for $100, but the next 20 each got a basket - prizes of about $500 each in certificates and a key. One of the 20 keys would start the truck up.

One by one, the first 16 contestants all failed to start the truck. Thomas was number 17. Just before starting up the truck, Thomas had the option to switch baskets with any of the remaining 4 contestants. Everybody knew about the $500 gift certificate and his wife Dortha wanted some other ladies basket because it had a $500 gift certificate to Disney World, he had the baskets switched.

With odds now 1/4 to win, he had a hunch he would win. He did! The truck started right up! Bingo!! You win!!! He said you should have seen the look on the lady that they switched the basket with! Not only did he win the truck, he got a $100 check, a $200 coffee maker that someone gave him there and $500 to Disney World. Call him Mr. Lucky!

His day was not over. While on Laca's boat that night betting on Laca's Watch and Wager account on the IPad and blasting over the monster Bluetooth sound system, he called Game 10's Perfecta - netting him and Dortha a free dinner at Crabby Bill's.

Now that is a lucky day for sure!!!

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