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Flying Squirrel, Downtown Barrie

This evening, after dark I was clearing snow away from an area where I put down white millet for the Juncos and other birds that come to my backyard. It is under a Black Walnut tree beside a stone wall and a Red Squirrel has accumulated about 200 walnuts there which he aggressively defends against the Gray Squirrels. This cache is now well covered with snow.
I noticed something move at eye level on the walnut trunk and was surprised to find I was looking at an animal not much bigger than a Chipmonk. Looking back at me was a Flying Squirrel. It was about twice arms length away and it didn't seem too frightened by my presence. I could tell from the snow that it had left the cache and climbed the tree. I noticed other holes in the snow cover where it had burrowed through. This is the first time I have seen a living Flying Squirrel.
This sighting is made all the better by being in downtown Barrie half a block north of the Library.
In the fall Alex Mills found a dead Flying Squirrel at his place about a kilometre to the northwest of my place.
Chipmonks were rare here 10 years ago, but are now numerous. Red Squirrels were not here until about 5 years ago and I now have 2 in my yard. Gray squirrels have been here as long as I can remember. So, essentially of the 4 species present, 3 are recent.


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