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King Of Amarillo

 photo PicsArt_12-18-10.00.09_zpsisua8022.png

Name: Mico
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mico is a large wolf, tall and muscular - Fit for battle and to wear a crown on his head. His pelt is covered in rust browns, creams, and browns. His orbs are split down the middle, a light blue on one half of each while a light tanish color fills the other half. He's all in all a creature of art.
Personality: Mico has been used all of his life by his father who saw fit to it that every woman he laid his eyes on would be exterminated so he could not wed and claim the crown of his home - Amarillo. He's very weary and tends to space himself from women, fearing his father's watchful eye. He feels he cannot truly connect with anyone so he confines himself to loneliness. He comes off as headstrong and rash but he's really just lonely.
Breed: Mexican wolf

"You think you're buying your way to the top with all that bullshit that you sell."

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