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As a reminder, no one is to use any coding found on Castlegraphic's site. This user has been blacklisted for unacceptable behavior - but luckily there are plenty of sites where you can find free tables for your use! Helpful sites can be found
Here at rpg-gen.com,
Here for some free templates,
Here and here for tutorials!
Anyone is capable of doing their own coding with practice and resources you can find online! ♥


Alesana, dear [request]

Your name: Jozlen
Font (colour, style, size, etc.): dark grey, garamond, and whatever size you think is best(:
Scrollbar (colour): Clear, but if you can't - either light pink or light purple, please
Specific instructions: If you could get the table to overlay on the photo over the pink box, I would forever appreciate it! And ehh, if you wouldn't mind resizing my photo to a width of 400-600 or so, I would also appreciate that lol

password is Gratitude (capitalized)

  • [Jozlen FIN] -

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