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Scarlet Letters [HTML Testing]


Though my sins are written in scarlet blood...

No one really knew or understood what was wrong with the mistress and no one ever would if she had anything to say about it. What use was it to explain herself when no one would listen? She did not deserve their attention, let alone their forgiveness. What Eerie deserved was torture, never ending torture, because death was too easy of a way to escape and getting a second chanceÖ well that just seemed impossible. Alas though, here she was alive, not being tortured, not dead, and handed a second chance. Everything in her life that had once been so crystal clear, so perfectly laid out was twisted, shattered, and broken in her very paws. The life she had once led and been raised in was gone. No trace of it left behind. Her master was dead, leaving her to be her own entity, to rule her own life. And how was she handling that? Poorly. Eerie was lost on so many levels. She didnít know how to be normal, she didnít understand small talk, and she did not, for the love of Tor and Fernis, know how to raise a pup. But that was what Apollonia had demanded of her, that was how she ended up with a second chance. She had broken every rule in her mind, soul, and body to kill Fatalia and save Shae. All that she had brought up in had shattered in that very moment.

But it had been a long time coming.

It was hard to forget the war that had raged inside of her own chest. The clear line in her mind disappeared; there was no divider that told the assassin right from wrong. Long before this war had come to the borders her mangled mind had started to try and fix itself through trial and error. Sheíd attempted to bridge a sort of friendship with the wolves she was calling her pack mates. And though at first it had been for gain of Farantís knowledge, it eventually turned into a genuine interest. Some part of her cold, dead heart actually wanted to care. She wanted to know what they liked to do, if they had a mate, or favorite place to spend time and not just for the sake of finding information. Eerie wanted to know these wolves because she wanted to feel connected again. She wanted to feel alive and purposeful. And she wanted it to be for the greater good not the underlying evil that had been bred and beaten into her. This had gone on for months and the femme fatale had started to develop a hatred for herself; the way she looked, the way she inexplicably hurt everyone she ever came into contact with, her inability to love or care. Above all else though, she hated how she had betrayed these wolves she shared a home with. Even though all of their care and kindness towards her had come with a sort of guard, she had appreciated it. She had begun to love it and she had even tried to replicate it. And then Farant had showed up and the fragile soul she begun nurturing shattered into a million pieces leaving her clueless in the wake of war. And even after it was all said and done, Eerie still never recovered that fragile soul.

No one trusted her. No one gave her the guarded kindness. She was beyond being hated, whatever anyone felt towards her was beyond explanation or actions. She was as good as dead in the eyes of those around her, especially herself, but she could let herself go. Even though everyone might have hated her, she had been handed a second chance. And that second chance was Tiresias.

The young kalak was the son of Shae and Caspian, but now he was Eerieís. And the molten eyed mistress would do everything to raise him, teach him though she knew the she would never replace the family he had once had. Eerie wondered why the boy hadnít run from her, in actuality. She would have held it against him for doing so, she didnít deserve him. And he deserved better than her. All of this fluttered through her mind as she laid curled around the boy in the dawnís early rays. Tiresiasí body shifted quietly as he stretched out, his emerald orbs peered up at her, though she knew he could not actually see her. She wondered if when he looked at her that he imagined her as a monster. That was what she, wasnít she? That was how everyone else saw her. She was a heartless assassin, who sought out only to gain for herself. Another nightmare, mum? Eerie blinked away welled up tears, and smiled sadly down at the boy. She didnít deserve the kind treatment that he gave to her, and though she wanted to believe it be sarcasm she knew better. Tiresias was actually treating her as a real wolf, one that had feelings, one that cared, and she couldnít understand why. What is it that troubles you?

Eerie shook her head, You know too much for a pup Tiresias, but you already knew that didnít you? She mused quietly to him, the sad smile still resting on her lips, even as she turned away to look at the denís entrance. I never deserved you, let alone the simple, kind manners that you treat me withÖ but do not trouble yourself with my past. It is not worth knowing now, maybe someday Iíll tell you, but for now I think it best to leave that subject untouched darling. Eerieís eyed looked distantly away, but she blinked to clear away the blurred memories. Her crown turned back to Tiresias. And even though he could not see it, she couldnít help but gaze at him with a certain tenderness. She cared about Tiresias, and though she couldnít understand it then or say it aloud she loved him. Her tongue slipped over his crown and his body to clean away the dust that had settled on his pelt. Why donít we go out for a bit, before the sun becomes scorching hot. Maybe we could go out of the pack for a bit, if you want? Her voice was soft and tentative. She didnít want to command him to do things, but she also wanted to show him the world in which he lived in. It was a beautiful place and just because she was afraid of it didnít mean he had to be.

I will rewrite them as white as snow...
|Eerie - Mother to Tiresias|

html © dante.

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