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you're the KING, baby, i'm your QUEEN

His coat is on the lighter side for his breed, more cinnamon than russet, with remarkably little white, ( example). The white that is present (on his chest and throat) is not startlingly bright in the least. If anything, it looks like the palest version of his coat. Conan has amber eyes.

Conan tends to be wary of strangers and comes off as aloof to those he isn't especially close with, but is very personable once you get to know him. As a king, he is intelligent enough to know to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer, a rule by which he lives by. Like any ruler, he wants to expand his power and territory and makes his alliances and decisions primarily off of this. Conan dislikes wolves that are not of his breed, and even if he tolerates them in public, could never accept having one in his family. He isn't a bad guy per se, but is very traditional and stuck in his ways.
Ethiopian Wolf

Mireille has more of the traditional russet coloration than Conan does, though her back appears to have various shades of russet on it, like so. She also has more white on her than Conan does and it stands out much more. Her entire underside and inside of her legs are white, as is her throat. Mireille has bright blue eyes.

Mireille plays the part of queen very well. She is well mannered, elegant, soft spoken, kind, and likable. She is good with children, despite not having any of her own (a fact that saddens her), but is not above being strict. Like Conan, she wishes to expand their territory and power and is very traditional. She doesn't exactly dislike wolves that are not the same breed as her, but she doesn't care for them either. She wants Seraphina to marry well and was very involved in choosing her betrothed. Ultimately, she wants what is best for all parties... but hers in particular.
Ethiopian Wolf

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