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Birding in the Sunnidale Corners, Strongville and Edenvale Area

Please be respectful of local landowners when looking for winter birds in this area this year. Every year we have reports from local people with birders and photographers that trespass and block the road for local traffic. This is really not acceptable and creates hard feelings between those interested in nature and those that depend on this area for their livelihood.

Hi Bob,

We see that there are more postings of snowy owls and Strongville Road area. We had that person in front of our house on Christmas day, and creeped our family out, as it appeared he was watching us.

Since then there has been a barage of people again. They stop in the middle of the road, doors open, no way to pass, and rudely gesture when we wait for them to clear the road. We have people coming to our barn, wanting access to the National Park, wanting to drive there. We fear this will only get worse again........police were brought in for a lady trespassing with her car (white SUV) on neighbours property, threatening the landowner when he asked her to leave. They're blocking our road, causing neighbour's dogs to bark, and the police are offering to make arrests......these people are Owl Hunters.....harassing these birds for their own personal gain, photos, etc.

Can you please ask them to not post the location. Another neighbour said a man in a jeep, from Wasaga Beach, charging people money to take them on tours on private property.....not his property.

Someone is going to get hurt, and we fear it will be a child, when people have to swerve for them. They pull out in front of people, and refuse to show courtesy.


Nancy Caldwell


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