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Re(2): Birding in the Sunnidale Corners, Strongville and Edenvale Area

Hi Len;

One of the rules in posting to the Simcoe Nature Board is to sign your posts with your full name. I remove posts that don't follow those rules. However, I am not going to remove your post since it brings to light another point of view. We are entering a New Year and I would like to see it a positive year and the resolution of this problem which has been ongoing for several years. Your email does not start off on a positive note and we can't continue this sort of views that I am right and you are wrong. There are valid points on each side of this situation. I too enjoy visiting this area to study nature but want to promote good relationships with the local landowners. You claim that you do as well but you start off your post in the very opposite point of view. I would like to meet you and talk to you this winter and can meet you at any chosen location that works well for you. I want to make this work as a positive experience for everyone. I did the biological inventory for the Minesing Wetlands are few years ago so I know this area well. I was unable to include in my report some sensitive species since I know what the results would have been had this become public knowledge. I have been interested in nature for many years and have witness what happens when a rare bird is reported. A very few spoil the whole experience for the rest of us. I want to show Nancy that we care about protecting these species and respecting landowners rights. Let me know when is a good time for us to meet and start off 2017 on a positive note. Thanks, Bob Bowles


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