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Smith's Longspur at Port Rowan

A Smith's Longspur is a rare bird for Ontario and there has been one in the Port Rowan area now for over three weeks that has been visited by a number of birders and photographers. I thought that I would post the latest post from the Ontario site to show how visits by many birders to rural areas that usually do not receive visitors can upset the local scene. There are Lapland Longspurs in the Strongville area and I saw one last week but this is not as rare as a Smith's Longspur. It is possible that this bird could occur here since the habitat is right but I know that I would not post that information if I were to observe one in the area.

"Further to Stu Mackenzie's post of Jan 1 Went down Monday (Jan 2) to see the local celebrity. I had a fleeting
glimpse before it went into hiding. I also had a run in with a local while
walking on the road. As soon as I came in site of the 2nd house on the north side he sent a stream of verbal abuse my way and I thought it prudent to reverse course back the way I came. I had been following the standard rules we go by (walking on the roadside, parked well out of the way of the
homes, no trespassing, no pics toward houses etc) but perhaps others had
not over the past 2 weeks. He was clearly frustrated by the unusual
activity on his road and wondered loudly if maybe it was time we moved on. Thought I should pass it along to others. Happy Trails Mike Norton"

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