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2 Feb '20

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Now Iíve got you in my space I wonít let go of you


home // family // love // twenty one // played by bunny


Name: Curt
Biological sex: male
Skin colour: palish
Hair colour: brownish red
Eye colour: blue
Defects: color blind
Free V13 power: Gills ofc
Your player name: Bunny
Detailed appearance: He stands at 6'6", his voice is pretty gruff and he is very hairy on his arms and legs with some hair on his abdomen, including a happy trail. He also has a "dad bod" meaning his muscles aren't very prominent but you can see his muscles when he does any heavy lifting or flexes [I mean anybody with muscles can flex and you'll see them but still.] he has scruff on his face and likes to keep it trimmed some. He also has a big anchor tattooed on his back and a pin up girl tattooed on his shoulder with barbed wire around her and gun holsters with guns in them on her legs and a rifle sitting in her lap.
Personality: He's very blunt about things, telling it like it is and thinks people are idiots most times but some he'll deal with. When he cares about somebody, he gets very protective and sweet towards them no matter what they do
Ambitions: He wants to sail and travel everywhere and then settle with a nice girl and have offspring to keep his lineage going.
Age: 21
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: straight as a board
Religion: christian
History: Likes to stay quiet about this.


    • accepted -

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