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Iris is gorgeous in every way possible; from her perfectly curved auds to the well-shaped pattern of her pads. She may seem a tad small compared to many females of her age, but she makes it up with her lithe, muscular frame. The bulk of muscle on her flanks and shoulders only shows that she doesn't mess around when it comes time to hunt or fight. Iris' coat is well kept; it is a very dark and brooding ebony, offset by the ivory that is splashed onto her left shoulder, chest and right leg. The most interesting feature that Iris displays isn't her intriguing placement of colors of her fur, but the exotic emerald oculus that watch with a soft intensity. They are generally warm and welcoming, pools of liquid that offer you comfort and solace; even when she is upset or angry, they are still alluring, causing her attempt to look cruel and merciless almost impossible. However, looks can be deceiving.

Iris' past has shaped her entire personality; both positive and negative traits being the outcome. Her abusive father caused her to acquire the feeling of never being good enough; she could never live up to any expectations that anyone had of her, whether they were set too high or nearly impossible, she has never known anything but giving and receiving disappointment. Iris is also very cautious, almost afraid at times, when it comes to male wolves. Although she knows that all brutes are not like her father, a part of her expects them all to have that viscous side. It frightens her to know that in a matter of seconds, someone who you thought you could trust can turn on you. How someone so close to you can cause the blood that drips from open wounds to mix with the tears falling from your own eyes. These past experiences, however, don't stop her from trying to be involved. Iris has a plan: perhaps if she befriends everyone and continues to be nice to them, maybe she won't cross paths with another psychopath. Perhaps this is why she is always so kind when people approach her. If anyone were to look past her smiling facade, however, they would find nothing but a nervous girl, shaking and wincing every time they moved. Overall, Iris is a very complicated, emotional wolf who needs to boost her confidence and to find trust in people.

Timber x Arctic


looks can be decieving


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