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Although the lass' obsidian body appears lean and thin, the muscles that bulk from her shoulders and hind legs give away that she can handle more than you would assume. Rosia is far from being a "large" wolf; as a matter of fact, she is probably smaller than the average female timber wolf that you would normally see wandering the lands. But do not take her height as a form of disadvantage; What she lacks in height and muscle, she makes up for in speed. Her small paws help her to take those sharp turns on the ground with ease, increasing her agility ten fold. On the facial features side of appearance, Rosia is a very beautiful wolf. If her soft facial features don't pull you in, her striking emerald orbs will. That is, unless you decide to piss her off; in that case, those seductive eyes that you can't look away from will have you averting eye contact with your tail between your legs.

In the four years that Rosia has lived, the life that she has unfortunately been a part of her left her wtih the constant emotion of being harsh and cruel. However, she tends to display something else. Rosia likes to play as a seductress, as though she is a beautiful flower, but a serpent underneath. She was raised as a warrior, taught in the worst way possible to fight and stand up for herself. She has learned that you can not depend on anyone, but yourself. However, when it comes to finding the right pack and joining its ranks, Rosia is a very noble wolf. She believes in honor above all in the ranks. Rosia believes in finding a pack to become a family rather than just a group; and that sadly is one of her weaknesses.. She hates to be alone.

timber wolf


I know on her HTML it says Ambrosia, I had to change her name because someone else took it after I went MIA for a while :( I'm just using this HTML until I get a new one. She's my favorite wolf that I used to play as on here a while ago, and I have an amazing post idea for her!



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