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Name: Rayzen
Age (pup, teen, adult): Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance (include at the minimum coat and eye color): Rayzen is a handsome male, even if his older age is beginning to take over. He's a speckled gray male, with speckles of brown, gray, and black along his back and shoulders. His muzzle is beginning to be tinted with white, like frost on the ground; a result of his older age. His eyes are still just as lively as they were when he was a young adult. A vivid blue, they could remind one of water, clear and bright,
Personality: While Auklet may be the childish one of the two, Rayzen is the exact opposite. He believes in keeping pups, and raising them for himself, but would never dare argue. He is polite, and quiet, keeping to himself most of the time. Rayzen also tends to be the more serious one, and would never think of pulling pranks or being childish,
Breed: Timber Wolf
History (optional): (Made Rayzen with the permission of Auklet, as we both co-own the characters, who are mates)
OOC: Granite


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