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Boost your immune with these foods

During the rainy season, many people fall ill because of weakened physical condition. To fight it, you need a strong immune system.

Eating some foods that can boost the immune system is the right way so not susceptible to disease.

Artichoke is a vegetable that comes from the Mediterranean. These vegetables are green or purple with petals layered. These vegetables contain a variety of nutrients that will work synergistically to support the immune function.

- Give
The fruit is rich in vitamin C and E, full of antioxidants to build up the immune system during the rainy season.

- Yoghurt
This fermented foods contain bacteria that are good for the health and support of the majority of immune cells. In addition, the good bacteria will also keep the digestive system, especially intestine.

- Avocado
The intake of essential fatty acids found in avocados helps support a healthy inflammatory response. Avocados also contain vitamin B1, C, A, and minerals that make it a fruit that is included in the healthiest foods in the world. It helps cleanse the intestines naturally.

- Nuts
Nuts are a source of quality protein that build up the immune cells.

- Mushrooms
Fungus helps increase white blood cells that help fight disease so that your body is immune from the disease.

- Garlic
Garlic is believed to be a natural antimicrobial to fight infection. Be sure to include garlic in your menu list. To maintain an active ingredient called allicin, you do not cook it too long.

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