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NAME: Kovu

AGE: Young Adult

PERSONALITY: Kovu's physical appearance may seem a little intimidating to strangers, as his face always seems a bit angry. Once you one gets to know him they realize the outside is not the same as the inside. He's protective and is capable of creating great bonds with others over time. His mental strenght matchess his heart's strenght. He will fight for what he believes in and for those he considers a part of him and his family. He has always been a pack wolf rather than a lone wolf.

APPEARANCE: His main body color is a brown/rusty red color. His underbelly and paws are a true lighter brown with no rusty red undertone mixed within. Along his neck to his ears, down his shoulders and down to his chest, he has a dark chocolate brown patch that then fades again away from his face back to his rusty red color. That dark chocolate brown can also be found at the tip of his not-so-fluffy tail. His muzzle is dpped in the lighter brown matching his underbelly and paws. The whites of his eyes have rather yellowed to look rather tired, while the actual color of his eyes are a dark yet capticating teal. His left eye has a scar slashed across it; his healed pink skin can be clearly seen as the scar s not necessarily little. His body is rather big compared to that of an average wolf. He's Tall and muscular with slight bulk but not fat. He's truly handsome and captivating, despite some elements that may seem intimidating in other circumstances.

BREED: A mix of a Timber and Red Wolf

HISTORY: There is a lot to his past, but a little backstory on him. He got his scar from being attacked by a mountain lion one night while trying to make it back to his pack of which he had been exiled from. He was able to get away, but with many injuries. His body actually has about 3 other scars, but they are not visibly because of his pelt. The only place that his fur was not able to cover over was over his left eye. It often bothers him seeing his reflection as he sees the imperfections within himself not only physically, but inside as well.

OOC: Alma

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