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 photo PicsArt_01-22-12.54.44_zps2qjdzxcl.jpg

Name: Halsey
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: Halsey is a rather small wolf in size but has a muscular build. She coat is rich, whites, creams, browns, and black fill it. Half of her face is marked off in black, seeming to directly cut down the center of her face. On that dark side her eye is an acid green, while on the other it's a soothing sky blue.
Personality: Halsey is quite the confusing little thing. She has a knack for attracting those around her, befriending those and even more so accidentally having them fall for her. She has a certain charm to her. Independence, curiosity, adventurous, and yet she's still so numb. She has a certain coldness to her. Pain behind her eyes. She's trying to break her spell - To find someone who could make her feel again. Yet she's so scared to be broken again, so she pushes those away who she wants the most from. Just to see who's going to pull her back.
Breed: Timber X Gray wolf

"You're looking like you fell in love tonight."


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