Re(2): The future of quizzing

There have been various points of view in answer to this perplexing question:

Quantum Quizzer: "Schrödinger once stuck his cat in a box and managed to prove it didn't exist. Maybe it could work for presidents too?"

Bishop of Dodge Hill: "Who cares? Quizzing is clearly the work of the Devil! Look at the effect it has had on Father Megson?"

Theresa May: "We've just agreed to spend £40 billion on the future of quizzing. What does it matter if a few facts exploded in mid air during a test run?"

The President: "It's another goddamn lie created by the goddamn media. We've created more facts than any other administration in history. What could be better for the future of quizzing?"

The Optimist: " Look on the bright side. In an Alternative Universe, there may not even be a day of the week called Wednesday?"

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