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Каждый демон хочет, чтобы его фунт плоти;

Каждый демон хочет, чтобы его фунт плоти;

мы не стареет;we aren't getting older;
демоны не стареют;demons don't age;
я буду вечно;ill be forever;
демоны не плачут;demons dont cry;
black fur with white speckles all over his back and a gray underside fading into the rest of his fur, light brown eyes, one ear ripped up and a scar going over his muzzle and near his right eye
демоны не показывают эмоции;demons don't show emotion;
he doesn't really like anybody, he's mean towards a lot of other wolves. And is pretty much destined to be alone, should he find friends or a mate, he's really protective and loves them unconditionally.
мы наш собственный вид;we're our own kind;
Russian Wolf
мы не разделяем;we don't share;
This particular wolf was born to a Russian family of wolves, they all spoke Russian so that's his native tongue, but he does speak a bit of english (if you scroll over the russian in blue, you can see the translations.) he was raised to be mean, but he has had his fair share of soft moments. His scars came from his father when he decided to go his own way, he was attacked and injured badly to the point he'd never forget. He hopes to never see his family again because of it.
и мы не принадлежат; and we aren't owned;

но нечто лучше хранится недосказанным;
я делаю просто отлично.
html dante.

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