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Deep thought response

Jim Nguyen
Prof. Cosmos
Eng II
Jan 31 2017

I agree with the statement that , " Day to day existence is filled with anxiety and fear , " because I feel that everybody has questions that they need to be answered , and if a day goes past without any fear or anxiety , then you are not existing in the modern world we live in today . For example everyday you wake up and goto sleep at certain times . If you couldn't goto sleep it's because of fear or anxiety . Something really simple like a big test the next day can give you both fear and anxiety . To not have any fear or anxiety would mean your not present in your world and really must have a stress free life and probably have someone doing all the thinking for you . Maybe someone who doesn't agree with this statement is not an adult yet . Adults would be more responsible with such fears day to day and can handle them better . Sometimes fear and anxiety become so overwhelming that we'd like to forget them . Basic fears are having enough gas , getting to work on time , and having what you need before you leave the house . Everyday anxiety would be getting off work , having a conversation , and going to sleep . I'am always worried about getting enough sleep for school the next day so that is why I strongly believe in this statement . To live in a world without any fears and anxiety would be like being born again . It would feel exactly like the moment you were born and have none of the responsibilities an average adult would have . My anxiety and fears should be the same for others around me . I fear of how this semester will be for me since I'am coming to a new college . I'm anxious of waking up in the morning and coming to this new school . Nothing I've been taught and have learned can control the fears and anxiety I have everyday . In conclusion fear and anxiety might not be the same for everyone. There are days when we have less stress over out fears and anxiety but that doesn't mean we don't have them day in and day out. Our lives are like everyone's else even in fiction novels . One fear will lead to another and without them we would not be living our normal daily lives.


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