Let them eat pease pudding


I read the Home page from behind the sofa bed this morning. The ever - worsening state of chassis in the Albert is very discomfiting. Mike needs to get a grip or the Sans - culottes will soon be rampaging through the streets of Didsbury, swigging wine and dragging innocent priests from pubs and sanctuaries for fallen women before stringing them up outside the fish shop and Cheese Helmet.

Them holy moly bishops who advocate the spirit of forgiveness have never managed a quiz team. Throw away the paddle,Mike and get a cattle prod and a big stick with a few six inch nails hammered into it - she won't feckin well sit on THAT! And maybe a kneecapping or two every once in a while "pour encourager les autres" You can borrow my Black n Decker as long as you remember to give it a good wipe before you bring it back.
Pax vobiscum,my children.


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