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ATTN: GUITARISTS, BASSISTS - Looking for Short Scale Left Handed Bass Guitar

Hello, everyone.

I realize of course, that this is not a music gear, but I am at my wits end... I need a short scale, left handed bass guitar, possibly a Gibson SG bass, a Rickenbacker 4003, Fender Musicmaster or Mustang Bass, or something comparable. It MUST be short scale. This is my first experience playing bass, and I think I may have a flair for it, based on my penchant for melodies. The Gibson SG bass has been discontinued for lefties, due to a limited run.

So...Martin or Big Al or anyone... I thought you might know of a reputable dealer in the UK that carries lefty or even specializes in them... any thoughts?

I do not want to buy a right-handed and convert it; it makes no sense trying to fuss with volume pots in the way. Lastly, may I say that if you are a left handed person and decide to pursue guitar or any instrument aside from the triangle (!) learn to play RIGHT HANDED. It is a decision you will have been glad to make. The plight of the left handed guitarist has been the bane of my existence.

Thanks, everyone.... miss you all, especially Martin & Diskojoe! Been incredibly busy with the solo act.



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See you again soon
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