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Violet <3

Hello Love! I got kinda bored and I sort of just whipped this up out of nowhere. I thought I'd offer it to you if you wanted to use it for your girl Chenzii. I totally understand if you don't, it was super random out of nowhere XD If you do want it and want anything changed feel free to ask me :)

The pass is Chenzii.

Sample Post: Mirror had stuck to the shadows of the island since her arrival. The Castle Crags staying to her inside and the shoreline trapping her next to the ocean. There was no reason for her to be afraid of any one of the horses surrounding her or the wisps of wind that whipped at her white snowy mane and tail. She had seen the sleek onyx hairs of a seductor, and the silver hide of the Queen roaming freely through the willows but she approached no one. She hid in the willow leaves, the coves on the beach and sometimes she sought the open plains to wander amongst her own thoughts. She found that every approaching sound sent her scrambling into the protection of the trees. But she knew this wasn’t like herself… No. She was a maiden in search of a new home being wary of abounding stallions and predatory wolves.

The snowy grace snorted to quietly trying to gain control of her emotions. She had always struggled to control them, she was impulsive and one of the most emotional creatures. But behind the nervous facade was her true identity. She wanted to be her genteel, caring and sensitive self again and being a lone mare was not going to foster these traits. She needed to find a herd to protect her and in return she would serve faithfully to the reigning mare or stallion. That would be her course and source of peace.

Mirror picked up her ambling pace into a smooth trot towards the Castle Crags. The mountain rage wasn’t far from her reach and so she reached the boundary of the hard within the hour. She looked at the ground imagining the invisible line that blocked out invaders and wanderers. She lifted her nose to the sky and whinnied out to any nearby souls, hoping they would be welcoming to her joining call. She glossed over the land with her sapphire crystals looking for any forward motion objects. She couldn’t doubt the decision now.
|Beta of Auora Borealis| |Dedicated Warrioress| |Violet|

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