Re(4): Non-trashy music

That's the problem with attending too many Dick - ins in the Griffin in your impressionable youth,you quickly become over gorged and sated.

To consign Dickens the author to the trash bin of Literature would be harsh in the extreme. As usual George Orwell got it just about right:

" Dickens is a writer whose parts are greater than his wholes. He is all fragments,all details - rotten architecture but wonderful gargoyles."

The Dunkers do though make a good wider point. If you relied on reading quiz papers for your education you would confidently assume that only about half a dozen or so writers have contributed to world Literature: Dickens, Tolkien, Joyce, those interchangeably glib twins GBS and Wilde, Ian Fleming and (Heaven help us all) JK Rowling and her ubiquitous, bespectacled foetus from Hades. There is another usual suspect of course but it would take a braver and more foolish man than me to say that we can have a surfeit of Shakespeare.

Donna Tartt famously broke through the glass ceiling a few years ago and made it onto a Withquiz question paper. Maybe time we gave other gifted modern writers a chance to make the breakthrough and become quiz "old chestnuts" in their own lifetimes.

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