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Frontón México: The other side of the coin

(Excerpted from a longer article. The translation is a bit rough, but you get the idea)

State of the States

Feb 20, 2017
By: Lilia Arellano
After the teasing about the reduction to the price of the gasolines in two cents a weekend when the increase sum several pesos, anything can be expected, any attempt, action, determination or discovery in which the same errors appear that Abuse or corruption. For today we will deal with a very special one in framing the longest strike in the history of the country, one suffered by the workers for 20 years, one in which is implicit a sporting activity that has happened to be also of spectacle and in which The mafias begin to become enthroned. One of the zones considered emblematic of the capital of the country is the Place of the Republic, in which is the monument to the Revolution. At that point, political events have been carried out with which stages have now been sealed, which are now subject to the judgment of history. It has also been the scene of protests, meetings held by citizens. In one of the corners is another meeting point: the restaurant La Soldadera and, of course, the building that for years has hosted the Frontón Mexico. It was quite a spectacle to see the luxury cars parked in front of the Fronton, where all the fashionable characters paraded around; During many years it was constituted in a center of meeting in which were realized businesses of all type. Its owner, Antonio Cosio, also had the Plaza de Toros Mexico and the Estadio Azul. This family has its origins in the textile branch, they own the factory of Towels La Josefina, the then announced: "yes dry since new". The construction of the property dates from 1929 with a very marked style at that time, which has been modified to claim the company commanded by the group of Antonio Cosio, reopen the place after an investment reported for 1.5 billion pesos. So far everything may seem very simple, without problems, but ... there is a strike of workers that has lasted for 20 years, whose legal recognition was given at 3 pm on October 2, 1996 against the company Operadora de Espectáculos Real de México, SA Of C.V. They have resisted all this time despite knowing of the death of 3 of the former workers whose families were totally helpless. The record is 3-3828 / 96 in Special Board 14 of the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration. With the existing connections of the Cosio family - for more complaints presented do not close either the Plaza or the Stadium -, they were given the task in 2013 to open the Frontón again, with everything and flags and files and strike without revolver. In this attempt to pass over the laws and the rights of the workers participated several officials: those of the Unit of Manifestations and Licenses of Construction; The deputy director of Control and Management of Works; The deputy director of Urban Development; The director general of Works and Urban Development; The delegation chief Ricardo Monreal; Salvador Chertorivski, head of Economic Development; Miguel Angel Mancera, head of government; Luis Felipe Cangas Hernández, general director of Games and Sweepstakes of Government; Ana Carla Rodríguez López, deputy of the same federal agency and the union organization characterized as armed arm of the government, CROC, under the tutelage of Isaías González Cuevas. In this network of complicities they put together a whole shed in which they do not consider the presence of former workers, of strikers not only Mexican but of Basque-French and Basque-Spanish origin. In his name, the leader of the CROC, without mediating any of the approvals of the former workers considered within the law, was given the task of presenting a letter at the Meeting stating the non-existence of workers to represent besides giving Prescribed their rights, therefore, should dictate such strike as nonexistent and send it to the file, ensuring that there are no adverse effects on those who rendered their services to Operadora de Espectáculos Real de México, SA Of C.V. Far from presenting a struggle in which the claims to the company of the Cosio were legally concluded, all this corrupt plot was generated with the objective of reopening the Fronton Mexico again. To this end, they have already hired pelotaris - Basque pelota players, also known as jai alai -, who are totally unaware of the situation they deprive in the place where they are supposed to play. The work of scolios carried out by activists of the CROC, pretend to be successful and mark the 10 of March like date of reopening of the place. As in everything that has to do with big business, there is a political thread. In this case we talk about the exchange of the Plaza de Toros in exchange for a reopening without a labor charge of the Frontón Mexico. There are known pressures from the Green Party for the cancellation of the races of to bulls and have found in the give and take the solution to which Isaías González Cuevas has lent since January 2013 by sending a letter to Inmobiliaria Cosgo - third affected and also under the leadership of the Cosio - making a formal delivery of the property. In that document, he does not reserve the right to make representations before labor, commercial, civil or any other authorities. To shore up such illegality, on March 19, 2013, the croquista authorizes the company to enter the building to carry out all the remodeling that is required. Faced with such compromises, the strikers decided to join the Mexican Federation of Trade Unions, under the acronym of the National Trade Union of Workers Specialized in the Food Industry, Services and Commerce in General, Similar and Related of the Mexican Republic, SEIA. The CROC did not present any support to the workers from the date of the strike, and hence sought representation from other trade union organizations because they could not be represented individually. Inside the union today is the lawyer Manuel Sanciprián, who manifests the desire of the strikers to denounce Isaías González for simulating the defense of the rights of former workers and inflict damages of difficult repair. The interests at stake are political and economic and although meetings have been held with a character named Carlos Andrade, linked to the Cosio, the fabric of complicity can not be disrupted.

In short the matter will appear in the Spanish newspapers when being pelotaris hired to work in a company in conflict which, for worse and greater references, has already committed its first abuses against its countrymen who has denied them the corresponding compensation for the Services provided and of which the Cosio obtained great profits. In this land will have to continue uncovering corrupt by subscribing to the attitudes for which charros leaders are so despised and despicable.

Opinión Sonora article (en Español)


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