At one point in time, Misty Mountain stood opposite of Rainbow Cliff, and these rose to the sky as the only peaks in Blossom Forest. Since the magical change of the land, an entire chain of peaks rose from the bowels of the earth to become the Culter Unlaeddod - the Teeth of the Gods. Misty Mountain is still of the peaks, but many others exist as well. They run from north to south, from east to west. Atop some of the peaks, snow covers them year round, making the paths slippery and hazardous. Others are lower in altitude and are extremely humid, covered in thick, dense forests with mists swirling between each of the trunks. Others still are bare - naked boulders rising and falling haphazardly.

These chains of peaks do connect many of the packs, and they hold many things to explore - forbidden forests, deep and mysterious caves, beautiful scenic cliffs. However, one must have care - if you fall, it is a long, long, long way down...

Due to the varying terrains, many prey options are available. For those scared of injury, you may find ptarmigans, ravens, crows, squirrels, dormice, or rabbits. The adults hunting alone can find mountain goats... but for those hunting in a pack, there are elk, moose, and Bighorn Sheep.


;;{and I love the way you look in a firefly glow};;

grayed out blue eyes met the other femmes eyes spot on. Holding the gaze as she looked at her, finally getting a good look at the femme. Looking over the femmes pelt which was grey it seemed. When he words hit her ears she smiled a little. She was up here to ask her if she wanted to join her pack. Of course she didn't say this right away, she kept quiet for a moment, nodding her head. you're correct, I do have questions. First things first. I'm Milo, and you are? the words that came out were as soft as usual. And friendly. Soft and friendly. Typical. Milo lowered herself tot the ground, into a laying position like the other femme. The tip of her tail wagged a bit, still trying to seem friendly.

the girl kept eye contact. When she did look away, the wind had picked up a bit in a slight breeze; lifting her head up into it slightly and closing her eyes. It had a home feeling to it when she was with her pack. This other femme being here helped with that feeling. She had her beta who would sit with her while the others sat back. She missed it and it was making her home sick terribly. Her eyes made it back to the other vixen; the words that spilled out next were a shock, it wasn't normally that she said that so soon. how would you feel about following me in joining a pack? It's soon I know and even though I don't know you and vice versa; packs are about learning more about each other as you go along sometimes aren't they? she surprised herself. If this femme had given her, her name then that would be one of the only things she even knew about this varg. Her name. The only thing she'd know at this point. And yet here she was asking if she wanted to follow her in joining a pack. She internally scoffed at herself. As if somebody would trust her this early on.

Typical of a wolf that was so nice to others

She liked leading and helping others figure out problems, she liked feeling like they were all family. That's what packs were, wasn't it. At least that's how it was when she led her last pack. She sat back and waited for a response, she expected a no or a maybe. But it could very well be completely different.



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