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Re(2): Who's the 'collector' in the band

Hey guys--

I can't speak for everyone in the band, but I do know from talking with Bruce a few times over the last 30 years, he has said he has full boxes of each of the Beach Boys LPs pressed by Capitol, in sealed condition. I'm guessing he may have the same with the Warner/Reprise and CBS releases as well. He also told me he has loads of memorabilia he's collected over the years, with things like invitations to the Grammys, his schedules books for each of the tours, and other stuff. I'm sure he's got some of his musical instruments as well. Perhaps Bruce can answer more about this question??

Al does have some stuff at his Red Barn Studios. I believe he has many of his Gold Records in frames on the wall, and some of his old guitars, which he sometimes uses when he records. Also, some years ago, I had a contact at Capitol Records, when they had an office here in Alameda, California, and I was working a bit in the business. At this time, Alan Boyd, who's a close friend, contacted me and asked me if I could get some of the promo materials from this contact, to send to Al. Boyd told me, "They just never get any of this stuff, and I'm sure he'd like to have some of it". So, we put together a care package and sent him a pile of promo posters and items. A few weeks later, I was surprised when I received a personal phone call from Al himself, to thank me. He was very appreciative. We ended up spending a few hours on the phone talking about a lot of things!! I do remember him saying, "It's been so many just forget about some things", when I asked him if he had any stuff from the past that he had saved.

I also remember hearing Brother Records (ie when Elliot Lott was involved, not sure he is nowadays) had a collection of stuff they had accumulated as well, but I think it was mostly Records and CDs and some of the promotional stuff, from different companies and things they had been involved with, like SUNKIST Orange Soda, and the various sponsors of their Chevrolet. And the Navarre Company, who had a hand in promoting the SUMMER IN PARADISE album. Remember those Sand Pails, with the Frisbee lids and stuff inside? I'm not sure who has this stuff now, or if it's been put into a Beach Boys Archive somewhere.

Some years ago, at a show in Lake Tahoe, I met many of Mike Love's children. One of the younger ones (can't remember his name..sorry), was about 12-13 years old, and we got to talking. He told me that someone in the family (perhaps the grandparents (ie Mike's parents)) had given him boxes with original copies of the 45s. He said, in some cases, he had 25 copies of each of the singles, and the picture sleeves, in "brand new" condition. He said he was going to hold onto them, and keep them 'safe and secure'. He appreciated what he had.

And visiting Brian's studio back in the late 1980s, when Landy was in charge, there wasn't too much there, but didn't Landy sell an old Piano to Wayne Johnson at Rockaway, who later put it up for sale on Ebay? I remember Les Chan calling me one day and asking me if I had a few thousand dollars to spare and saying, "You want to buy Brian's old piano??" or something like this. It's been too many years, sorry, but I don't remember the exact story!!

And with this, I would guess, that there must be stuff given to the kids of each of the Beach Boys. I'm sure Carl's sons must have some of his guitars and things, as well as Carnie and Wendy having some of Brian's things. Marilyn, it's said, has some things as well, but probably most of the stuff she has is associated with the HONEYS...but who knows.

And one last thing...I do remember some of the trap cases, with the Brother Logo spray painted on the sides, being up for sale on Ebay or somewhere. I think one of these cases, held one of Carl's guitars at some point. So, whether the Beach Boys' themselves have things, or not...some of it is floating around out there.



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